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For your minimal investment what is your potential return?

_ Contrary to what you might think, a large capital investment isn’t needed to get started; UCL will make sure of it. We will help you design your capsule and then handle ecommerce, production and distribution so you can focus on promotion. Below, is a set of computations that forecast profits based on different price points. We’ve modelled suggested retail prices to help maximize returns, but you can choose to set your prices how you wish. The extra profit is all yours.


Most start small.
What if you want to start big?

_ Our basic capsule package is a great starting point for anyone wanting to dip-their toes in the fashion industry, but if you have a bit of extra capital to invest we can customize a capsule extension to suit your needs. With more merchandise, additional styles, and unique accessories you can position your brand however you want, and prime yourself for a bigger pay day.


You will get everything you need to launch your streetwear label

For a minimal investment of $2,500.00 USD, you get everything you need to launch your streetwear label. You’ll collaborate with our AI designer to create your unique graphics. You’ll have unlimited on-demand access to our high-end blanks, so you don’t need to tie up money in inventory. We’ll handle storefront, fulfilment, distribution and customer service, and you will receive a full set of four production samples to wear and shoot with. We’re also purpose-built for collaboration so there’s a good chance you’ll end up collaborating with top brands.

Cool collection aside, remember that you are running your very own fashion label. The idea is to sell as many pieces as you can, while telling your story and building demand. You want your followers to eagerly anticipate your next drop.

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Basic Profit

(based on our recommended selling price)


Maximize your profit

Your price
Your profit

* Minimum Suggested Retail Price

** This profit calculator is an indicative tool for the user to gauge potential profits levels. Please note that urbancoolab does not guarantee any profits or sales, nor does urbancoolab make representations or warranties as to any profits or sales. To review, please see urbancoolab’s full terms and conditions here.

Items sold

Your Price

Your Total Profit

What would your profit look like if you sold more? You keep the upside with any higher price you set, and the more you sell, the more you capitalize on your upside pricing.

Items sold

Your Price

Your Profit

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