A streetwear capsule is an art and a “social fact”, that must be related to other social facts in order to be perceived and understood. The symbolic ingredients of a streetwear capsule — its “meaning” — are as “social” as its aesthetic, material, or expressive aspects. These are all “dimensions” of social reality. Streetwear collectively is an aggregate left by the operations of the cultural code. Streetwear creators reject social norms and absorb the forces of their ‘otherness’ – inertia, resistance, powerlessness, silence - into their work. Our work is to use artificial intelligence machines to collaborate with humans to create “social art”. This “social art” amplifies human stories as they bubble up from the grassroots. It’s time to stand in opposition to trickle-down culture. It’s time to topple the paradigms of power. It’s time to join the resistance.

a logo for urbancoolab's stich

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