what you need to do


You need to have a story to share with the world

_ Give some thought about the core message you would like to convey. You may even have a specific theme, logo or slogan in mind.


You need to provide inspiration

_ You can feed STiCH inspiration images of your favorite designs, slogans, and other visual assets as well as lyrics and waveforms. STiCH will use advanced artificial intelligence and massive computational power to generate a unique design for you to review.


You need to think about how you can create demand

_ You will receive a comprehensive workbook that lays out the steps needed to create a sound business plan. Our step-by-step streetwear business guide will help you position your brand, generate hype and establish a plan to reach your followers.

As Creative or Fashion Director, it is important to highlight your artistic vision. What is your collection about? What is your design philosophy? Who is your customer?

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