how to get discovered


Double your brand exposure by sharing artistic equity

_ Collaborative ventures place your designs in front of a whole new audience. If the goal is to capitalize on each other's artistic equity, it only makes sense to make use of the other’s fan base as well.


Link up with established global brand partners

_ Our marketing team has been tasked with curating creative talent within the platform to partner up with for future projects. We will initiate collaborative programs wherein we recommend certain designers to prominent global brand partners to co-create other capsules.


Team up with influential retailers

_ UCL makes this entirely possible through our in-house collab programs. Expand your entrepreneurial footprint.

Whether an established high-fashion house or an up-and-coming streetwear brand, those within and even outside the industry - now more than ever- understand the power of meaningful collaborations. Pairing the creative expertise of artists with the credibility and marketing power of established brands allows both sides to tap into a set of aesthetics not yet previously explored.

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