stain shade nikjoo chairs

James Brackenbury and his Stain Shade imprint have stayed busy throughout the pandemic, which sadly enough is not something all clothing purveyors can claim. The London-based creative began hand-dying industry grails in his own backyard as a way to offset the lack of quality tie-dye garments he felt was missing. Back in September, for instance, the brand elevated a horde of streetwear staples, including vintage band tees, Patagonia flannels, and Russell Athletics sweats through its own signature tie-dye prism.

Stain Shade is now ready to expand its creative catalog to the world of bespoke furniture design. Co-creating alongside NIKJOO, Stain Shade applied its masterful hand-dye technique onto hand-made birchwood ply chairs coming courtesy of the noted architect firm. Customers have the option of choosing their own eclectic color mix, or a pre-selected tonal theme from the DIY fashion brand.

Be sure to take a closer look at the images above. For those interested, the collaborative Stain Shade x NIKJOO chairs are now up for grabs via Stain Shade’s official web store. In other style news, 1017 ALYX 9SM remixed another version of Nike’s Air Force 1 High.