conway the machine
Tef Wesley

In light of the countless protests popping up all across the U.S., public figures from a variety of disciplines are standing in unison to demand justice for the late, George Floyd. Griselda emcee, Conway the Machine, has joined a laundry list of creators who are valiantly shining a spotlight on the systemic race issues currently plaguing community settings far and wide. On that note, the rapper recently dropped a surprise single titled “Front Lines.”

Produced by longtime collaborator Beat Butcha, the track is an emotional narrative aimed at excessive police brutality, with a specific lens pointed at the extrajudicial murders of unarmed African Americans. Conway solidifies his stance on the second verse with such lyrics like, “I just seen a video on the news I couldn’t believe/ Another racist cop killed a ni**a and get to leave/ He screamin’ ‘I can’t breathe,’ cop ignoring all his pleas/ Hands in his pocket, leaning on his neck with his knees/ Cracker invent the law/ That’s why the system is flawed/ Cops killin’ black people on camera and don’t get charged/ We ain’t takin’ no more/ We ain’t just pressin’ record/ Can’t watch you kill my brother/ You gone have to kill us all/ Just ‘cus he’s from the ghetto don’t mean he sellin’ crack/ He driving home from work, you pull him over ‘cus he black/ Think he gang-banging ‘cus he got dreads and a few tats. 

Be sure to check out the track below and have a listen for youself.