art comes first

Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh’s Art Comes First imprint are no strangers to racial justice and individual equality. In fact, the multifaceted duo even designed a thematic collection a few years back addressing police brutality. In response to the violent protests that have invaded street corners all across the globe, ACF hits the scene with a new collection that gives rise to the current political climate.

Primarily sticking to a monochromatic palette of black and white, the new offering casts a spotlight on evocative graphics and subversive text phrasing as its creative apex. For instance, a long-sleeve crewneck fronts an image combining a pair of pistols with the phrase “I NEED A PAIR OF THOSE NEXT TIME I’M JOGGING” hovering over top, while a simplistic black tee hits its activist angle with the words “ANTI CAPITALIST FASHION” stamped on the back. Sam and Shaka also touch on the Coronavirus narrative, creating a shirt that reads “COVID-19 Broke my Heart but at Least I Saved Lives by Quarantining Myself.”

Art Comes First’s latest collection is now up for grabs through its official website. In other fashion news, be sure to check out Burberry’s self-shot SS21 lookbook.

Images: Art Comes First