UNDERCOVER Unveils a New Social Distancing-Themed Capsule

Digging deep into the archives.
undercover T-shirt

Given the state of the world’s current climate, the term “we’re living in unprecedented times,” not only rings true, but has evolved into something completely new altogether. As can only be expected, several big name brands have since stepped up to address the dire situation we find ourselves in, and are leveraging their market position power to shed some light on the matter at hand; one such label is UNDERCOVER.



As a result, Jun Takahashi took a deep dive into his archival vault in efforts to rework a number of his recognizable caricatures to reflect another term floating around heavily as of late; ‘social distancing.’ Embellished on a set of five tees—available in black and white— are playful riffs on past designs, including the label’s UNDERMAN characters enclosed in a home with the text “STAY HOME” scrawled along the bottom. Elsewhere, we see the BURGER U persona and the infamous BEAR figure protected with medical face masks, in addition to others.



UNDERCOVER’s Social Distancing capsule will be available for a limited run starting on April 17 and wrapping up on April 19. For those interested, head on over to the brand’s official web store. In other fashion news, don’t forget to check out Helmut Lang’s limited-edition T-shirt design contest.



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