Ukraine to Launch NFT Project to Support Its Armed Forces

The country’s vice prime minister took to Twitter with the announcement.
Ukraine NFT collection

In a bid to help its own armed forces fend off Russia’s full-scale national invasion, Ukraine vice prime minister announced the country’s plan to release a collection of NFTs. Mykhailo Fedoro, who is also Ukraine’s minister of digital transformation took to Twitter with the message “we will announce NFT to support Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

Immediately following Putin’s order to invade Russia’s bordering neighboor, nations from the West have been quick to respond with sanctions aimed to hinder the Russian president and his economy.

So far, there has been an outpouring of support from those interested in lending a helping hand. Ukraine has raised more than $50 million in cryptocurrencies to date, with large portions of those coming from names like CryptoPunks and Polkadot. Donors have been generous with their contributions, sending crypto in the form of bitcoin, ether, polkadot, dogecoin and NFTs. Earlier this week, for instance, Pussy Riot co-founder Nadya Tolokonnikova formed an alliance with Tripp Labs and members of PleasrDAO in releasing NFT designs of the Ukrainian flag to raise donations. As a naitive of Russia herself, she is “deeply ashamed” of the actions carried out by her native government, and like many others, is doing what she can to help those most closely affected.

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