The University of Tokyo Doubling-Down on the Metaverse

Set to offer courses for those looking to expand their Web3 knowledge.
The University of Tokyo

We spend a lot of time deep-diving into the evolution of Web3 and how its existence continues to shape the state of contemporary pop-culture. Its grasp, though, extends beyond what happens between the lines of music, gaming, sports and fashion; far beyond. In fact, one of the most prolific institutions in all of academia is more than willing to put its money where its mouth is and offer a course on all things Metaverse.

The University of Tokyo recently announced its plans to offer a Metaverse study program aimed at tackling “digital transformation” and “advanced technologies” within the confines of this emerging realm. It’s cool to see the school championing the virtual space in its most “natural” state,” choosing to offer optional teachings within the “walls” of the metaverse itself. 

UK’s University of Surrey has already made its presence felt, rendering their own curriculum on the intricacies of blockchain technology–in a sense opening the doors for other faculties to follow suit, namely Todai, otherwise known as The University of Tokyo.

The academy’s offering is intended for high-schoolers and adults alike that show interest in either engineering and/or science information. Those already in the workforce need not fret though. Todai’s new program serves to strengthen the field in a myriad of ways be it through continuing education or advanced work placements. Plenty of opportunities to move active workers into such areas as artificial intelligence, entrepreneurial education, and next-generation communication technology are plentiful. A truly wondrous display of professional enlightenment; empowerment even. 

The University of Tokyo is even willing to employ talent from marginalized groups that for one reason or another have been overlooked in years past. At the end of the day, it’s all about positive pendulum swings. The overwhelming absence of female thinkers in the engineering field is by all accounts a reflection of their representation, or lack thereof. “Using the metaverse would allow for creating an educational system in which anyone, regardless of age, gender, social standing, and area of residence, can learn about engineering and information science,” said the University’s officials. 

What’s more, The University of Tokyo has shown a willingness to open up the program to students residing in other parts of Asia. On its face, the concept is simple. Doing so portrays a complete understanding of the Metaverse’s ability to impact industries regardless of its subject’s physical geography. It’s important to note the school’s openness to embrace all those capable of moving the needle. This is affirmation at its highest folks.

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