The North Face Japan Set to Launch Repair Shop Program

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the north face japan

With all of the catastrophes 2020 has brought us thus far, including a lingering global pandemic that has run parallel to riotous bouts of racial injustices, such affects would at some point be felt across a plethora of industries. As we’ve seen over and over again throughout the past few months, the above’s impact on the fashion industry is one that goes without saying. Like so many other brands working tirelessly to improve fashion’s environmental footprint, The North Face has spent a good portion of its time focusing on worthy recycling initiatives and upcycling projects; two such areas the general public is eager to see more of. 

With that in mind, the brand’s Japanese division is preparing to host its Repair Shop program. As its name so cleverly suggests, the five-day event will serve as a tool to mend old TNF favorites and/or archival gems via elevated styling details. The images above, for instance, belong to a trio of athletes—Naoki Ishikawa, Toru Nakajima and Tsuyoshi Kaburaki–who have each worn down their respective items through years of active wear-and-tear. Highlighted on a series of Denali jackets and mountain parkas, are contrasting-hued patch panels upheld through an expert craftsmanship finish.

The North Face’s Repair Shop initiative will be held from November 5-9 at The North Face Standard Futakotamagawa, with online repairs commencing on October 28. In case you missed it, take a look at Drake and Nike’s Certified Lover Boy merch lineup.



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