Introducing “The Kobe Bryant Experience” NFT Collection

Feauting the iconic “Black Mamba” image from photographer Kevin Lynch.
Kobe Bryant NFT

Kobe Bryant, one of the most recognizable figures in modern-day sports, is about to have a themed NFT collection dedicated to him in his honor. Over the past few months, we’ve seen an explosion of digital projects from those within fashion, food, visual arts, gaming and music hit the market, with more and more ambassadors from the sports world finding ways to make their respective marks. Aptly named “The Kobe Bryant Experience,” photographer Kevin Lynch and Masterpiece Digital have joined forces to craft a collection chock full of nostalgic mamba memorabilia.

The collection is comprised of four separate packages, the first of which is Lynch’s iconic Black Mamba photograph. Those who purchase the design will receive an interactive 3D card of the image, in addition to encrypted behind-the-scenes images of Bryant and an interview with Lynch about his one-on-one work with the late, great hoops legend.

In a recent statement commenting on the project, Kevin Lynch had the follwing to say, “I am very excited to bring my art onto the blockchain because I see a cultural shift in how art can be more appreciated. The traditional art world is starting to pay attention. The idea of being able to share and trade art using cryptocurrency unlocks an entirely new revenue stream for artists and collectors alike,” adding, “Kobe left us with his lasting legacy, so these particular iconographic photographs of him are an enticing opportunity for collectors and fans.”

“The Kobe Bryant Experience” will be hosted on the RavenCoin Blockchain. In other NFT-related news, John Geiger created an NFT collection referencing his legal suit with Nike.



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