The Association NFT Is an NBA Fan’s Dream NFT Collection

Comprised of 18,000 dynamic NFTs.
The Association NFT collection
The Association NFT collection

With the NBA post season now upon us, basketball fanatics are busy cheering on their favorite teams, as those battling it out in this year’s playoff race duke it out for a shot at securing the coveted Larrry O’Brien trophy. The league now seems to be making quite a bit of noise outside the basketball court and into the Metaverse with news of The Association NFT.

Comprised of 18,000 designs, The Association NFT collection is an homage to the 2022 NBA Playoffs. There are currently 16 teams vying for a shot at the title, with each player–240 rostered players in total–receiving 75 unique NFT designs of themselves. 

The NFTs are dynamic, in that their appearance changes over time based on team and individual player performances. So, if Kevin Durant goes off for a triple-double against Jason Tatum and the Boston Celtics, his NFT designs will accurately reflect his on-court dominance. 

The assigned NFTs for each team will be connected to live data feeds, with each player being linked to Chainlink Oracle. In this way, NFTs can automatically change based on how teams/players perform throughout the tournament.

The Association NFT collection will be issued in a blind-mint process, meaning no one will know which player they will receive prior to the April 22nd reveal date. Each player will be assigned randomly using Chainlink VRF, so each holder has a fair shot of minting any player currently on a playoff seeded team.

In other NFT news, Cloud Yachts recently sold a yacht NFT for a whopping $12 million USD.



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