Supreme & The North Face Remind Us the Power of Functional Streetwear

Style and substance overload.
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Supreme and The North Face, by all accounts, are two of the most relevant players in today’s progressive streetwear scene. Over the past few years, both imprints have creatively aligned with one another in a manner that forcefully bolsters the larger menswear collective. The dynamic between both pivots around the notion of functional outerwear that have been reengineered beyond conventional reasoning. Take for instance, the range’s key piece: the RTG Jacket/Vest combo.



Forged from fully seam-sealed GORE-TEX, the two-piece set features a chest-rig style vest that can sit overtop one of four technical parkas—depending on color scheme—or worn solely as a stand-alone item. The waterproof vest, on the other hand, gives rise to a multi-pocket layout with a swarm of industrial fasteners underlined throughout. Other points of interest include zipped jackets, turtlenecks, T-shirts, backpacks, utility pouches, a balaclava and fleece gloves—all of which belong to TNF’s RTG (Remote Terrain Gear) line.



As far as branding is concerned, both, The North Face and Supreme logos can be seen strewn across the entire lot, with relative GORE-TEX emblems hitting the gloves and parka. The collaborative Spring 2020 RTG Collection will make its way to all Supreme storefronts, as well as its web store on March 12. 

Speaking of high-profile partnerships, Virgil Abloh and NIGO recently came together on Louis Vuittons new Pre-Fall 2020 “LV²” collection.



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