Supreme Teases Upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

With a sole social media post.
supreme spring summer 2020

Whether casual streetwear or high-fashion luxury garments, brands are accustom to dropping conceptual visuals as a way to tease new seasonal offerings; not so much the case for Supreme. James Jebbia’s skate culture magnate historically baits its followers into a state of yearning with a sole social media post. Supreme recently hit up Instagram, showcasing a model cloaked in statement Spring/Summer 2020 pieces.

A gold-hued trucker jacket catches the eye first, with oversized Supreme branding stamped along the back. Ornamental fringe detailing outlines each letter and then repeats itself all throughout the base via repeating puncture impressions. Riding alongside the statement top, is a pair of red trousers complete with intersecting white lines, and a currency-printed hoodie that helps add an air of artistic flair. Fans of the brand can expect a full set of visuals in the coming days ahead.

In case you missed it earlier, Tom Sachs just unveiled his NIKECRAFT Transitions collection.



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