Stüssy Gets Medieval in Spring/Summer 2020 Video

Horses, surfboards and body armor.
stussy spring summer 2020 video

Streetwear stalwart, Stüssy, has been instrumental in bringing skate culture awareness to the mainstream masses. Skateboarding was once looked upon as a flash-in-the-pan fad unable to withstand the test of time, however, is now regarded as a subcultural constant in its own right. Earlier this month, we took a look at the brand’s collaborative varsity jacket designed alongside COMME des GARÇONS, and now, with the Spring/Summer 2020 season front of mind, Stüssy is back to unpack its new video campaign.

A playful depart from its customary street-styling stance, the camera sets its focus on a pair of knights—clad in protective body armor—headed on a collision course towards each other. Director, Colin Dodgson, set the stage for “a surreal equestrian duel” with both chevalier’s taking part in a competitive joust. Although purely conceptual in nature, the video eventually gives way to Shawn Stussy’s Southern Californian surfer roots, with branded flags and a bold orange-hued surfboard garnering heaps of attention. Roughly mid-way through the video, a trio of muses appear in sunglasses and branded caps, providing a quick glimpse of what can be expected.

Check out the video below for a closer look. Stüssy’s upcoming Spring 2020 collection is now available online through its official web store. In case you missed it earlier, Louis Vuitton recently unveiled Chapter 2 of its Spring/Summer 2020 collection.



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