Stüssy Links up With COMME des GARÇONS on Commemorative Varsity Jacket

In honor of the skate brand’s 40th-anniversary.
study come des GARÇONS varsity jacket

With the formal arrival of 2020, skate culture magnate, Stüssy, will spend the year honoring its very own 40th-anniversary milestone. To commemorate its first release, the California-based brand enlisted the artistic prowess of design virtuoso, Rei Kawakubo. Under the watchful eye of Kawakubo’s COMME des GARÇONS team, Stüssy looked to rework a quintessential menswear classic in the varsity jacket.

Black Melton wool surrounds the base with a barrage of decorative accents interspersed here and there. Stüssy’s ever-impressive “1980-2020” timeline serves as a creative touch point, which when viewed against the list of flagship cities it currently resides in, speaks to the nature of the brand’s lasting influence. Lining both sleeves is a spattering of chenille patchwork meant to symbolize a flow of CDG staples that have dropped over its own historic stretch.

The artistic focal point of the design can be seen screaming out from the rear. Stüssy and COMME des GARÇONS come together, both physically and figuratively, on a design element that harmoniously bridges the gap between both. Again, fashioned from delicate Chenille, a large image depicting a geometric surf character wielding a CDG-centric surfboard accents the back.

The new COMME des GARÇONS x Stüssy 40th Anniversary Varsity Jacket will make its way to CDG’s online store and Stüssy’s web shop as of January 15. Speaking of noteworthy collaborations, Gucci and DSM recently unveiled a vintage-inspired capsule.



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