Stüssy Taps Virgil Abloh, Rick Owens & Others for 40th Anniversary Collection

Also including Takahiro Miyashita, Marc Jacobs and Martine Rose.
stüssy Rick Owens

Of all the “nonsense” 2020 has brought us thus far, there are pockets of positivity that continue to surface every now and again, reminding us there is light at the end of every tunnel. This year, specifically, marks 40 momentous years of life with Stüssy. The brand’s impact has been felt across a broad spectrum of disciplines, from skating and street culture to contemporary art and architecture, with quirky transitions into the realms of home goods, food and accessories also taking effect. Stüssy extends the celebratory affair with an artful pivot into the realm of high-fashion. Shawn Stussy enlisted the expertise of some high-profile friends, each of whom were tasked with designing their own World Tour T-shirt.

Not only were Rick Owens, Virgil Abloh, Takahiro Miyashita, Marc Jacobs and Martine Rose hand-picked for their poetic design sensitivities, each represents a geographical community that has influenced the brand’s output over the years. With such a unique set of ideologies converged into one solitary concept, a certain level of stylistic excellence is expected; the above crop of creatives did not disappoint. According to the brand, the collaborative undertaking came about from “Like-minded people that are interested in similar things. An enduring signifier of underground culture four decades in. Past… Present… Future.” As an added bonus, each designer has agreed to surrender a portion of the profits to an organization of their choosing.

Stüssy’s 40th Anniversary World Tour T-Shirt collection will hit the brand’s online store come November 20. In other fashion news, BBC ICE CREAM and HIDDEN.NY unveiled their joint merch collection.



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