Serving the People Gathers Work From Several Artists in New Digital Showcase

Featuring Tremaine Emory, Cali Dewitt and others.
Serving the People Tremain Emory art

Lucien Smith’s non-profit organization known as Serving The People (STP) is in the midst of curating an expansive digital showcase, highlighting the works of several key figureheads. Tremaine Emory of Denim Tears, Cali Dewitt and Nick Atkins—all of whom bear close ties to the streetwear community—will join a host of others in having select pieces featured by STP.

Emory’s tapestry-rich Demo 2 offers a symbolic rendering of Jesus Christ adorned with cotton wreaths that envelop the religious leader’s head and heart. Measuring in at 157cm x 117cm, the handmade piece will retail for $5,000 USD. Cali Thornhill Dewitt, on the other hand, will have his work, Spitting In The Faces Of A Billion Unborn Children up for grabs. Forged from inkjet and acrylic on canvas, the piece evokes a sense of helplessness with the highlighted text completely engulfing an image of the world. Atkins’s own Black Moth will also see the light of day. Set to a price of $1,000 USD, the winged creature—clad in white, red and black—is derived from a combination of oil and air brush acrylic on wood with decorative sequins placed near its head.

According to a statement levied by Serving The People’s website, “We aim to facilitate innovative conversation through the intersection of art and culture. Our goal is to provide an alternative platform for creative inquiry and experimentation.” For a closer look at the exhibit, be sure to visit STP.

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