Sean Price “Preserving The Legacy” Collection Offers a Valuable Lesson on Family Values

All net proceeds will go towards setting up a college fund for his daughter, Shaun. #seanforshaun

Mic God. Lyrical Warrior. Supreme Emcee. Legend. Hero. Competitive. Each of the following were words used to describe Sean Price and his lasting impact on rap and the collective hip-hop commonwealth. At the time of his untimely passing back in August of 2015, the entire hip-hop community—running all the way down the line from his Boot Camp Clik brethren to iconic legends like Talib Kweli, Killer Mike, and 9th Wonder—all came together to celebrate the life of a New York rap legend. Although a physically towering figure with an imposing, heavyset build, those who knew him best often reminisce on his ability to make those around him bust out in stitches. Unlike other rappers making their way up the genre’s subcultural totem pole, Sean had no problem having a full-on laugh at himself; let this video of him trying his hand at tennis remind you of his warped sense of humor. His subdued sonics and sinister rhyme style proved a cool contrast to his big, billowy stature, however, it was the apex of the man’s artistry that separated himself from all the rest. 

Known as an emcee’s emcee, Price, aka Ruck, kept his pen sharp with witty quips that cut through baselines like a hot knife through butter. First catching some shine on Smif-N-Wessun’s debut album Dah Shinnin’, the late, great rapper first rose to prominence as one half of Heltah Skeltah alongside Rock. Together, the dynamic duo went on to release a total of three albums, kicking off with their debut project Nocturnal in 1996. The hard-hitting duo followed up their timely intro with Magnum Force in 1998 and D.I.R.T. much later in 2008. Although continuing to make music with BCC and Heltah Skeltah all throughout the ‘00s, Price began to create a lane using his own name a short time after. The artist was eventually able to fulfill his own lyrical prophecies through his own string of drops, including his debut album Monkey Barz, which climbed all the way up to #70 on the Billboard Hip-Hop Chart. Jesus Price Supastar and Mic Tyson went on to make respective noise of their own, both of which debuted on the Billboard 200 chart.

Cut short in the prime of his career, Sean’s impact on the rap game is impossible to overstate. In many ways, the artist helped bridge the gap between the rap icons of yesteryear with today’s current crop of rhyme spitters. It’s hard to imagine such cats as Action Bronson, Conway the Machine and Westside Gunn as we know them today, without each of them having been exposed to Sean’s fearless flow. Price had a shrewd intelligence that had us believing he was cleverly trading bars with himself. As such, he would bounce between quick-witted tongue twisters and ill-tempered tirades at a moment’s notice while keeping the conceptual tone of the track intact all the way through. However unlikely it is to hear the artist’s name mentioned in the same breath as Biggie, JAY-Z, Nas or Pac, such high-level praise was never a metric P measured himself by; that type of love was reserved exclusively for his inner circle.

On March 17, 2021, Price would have celebrated his 49th year on dear planet earth. As such, Da Barbarian’s Bucktown crew thought to commemorate this special day with a capsule collection that captures Price’s lively spirit. urbancoolab’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence matrix was brought into the mix to fashion a set of graphics central to who Sean was as a performer. The main objective was to concoct a swarm of staples that echoed the rapper’s zest for life. What transpired is a mini montage of highlights, accurately summarizing where the icon felt most at home; perched in front of a raucous crowd awaiting for the beat to drop. urbancoolab’s STiCH platform spliced poetic imagery of the rapper performing onto a set of hoodies, long-sleeve crewnecks and tees. One such item fronts an image of Price posing on stage with his daughter along the front, with the back shinning a spotlight on the phrase, “I leave that rap shit outside.” Taken from the track “Price Family,” the lyrics allude to Price’s most coveted role in life; being a loving husband and father to his children. urbancoolab thought to honor Sean Price’s life by keeping intact what he fought so hard to preserve.

“Preserving the Legacy” is a concise offering meant to honor Sean Price’s past in such a way that sets the stage for his family’s future. Nothing was more important to Sean than his wife and children. In recognition of that, all net proceeds from Sean Price’s “Preserving the Legacy” collection will be used to initiate a college fund for Sean’s daughter, Shaun. #seanforshaun

The Sean Price x urbancoolab “Preserving the Legacy” collection is available to cop now via



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