Sandy Gill Unveils New Capsule to Help Combat the Climate Migrant Crisis

Proceeds from “Land With Grace” will go towards setting up housing for displaced individuals.
sandy gill

When a sizable chunk of India’s farmers took to the streets late last year in protest of some market-friendly laws that have since been repealed, Sandy Gill didn’t just sit around hoping for a better tomorrow; she did what she alway does, she took action. The same could be said about the senseless acts levied towards Asian diasporas throughout North America. Instead of looking up to the heavens in search of answers, Sandy used her voice to engage with those equally as keen to reshape how communities interact with one another. 

She is accustom to leveraging the reach of her social platforms to spark change, and has on several occasions proven adept at doing so when such a moment presented itself. In both instances above, the celebrity stylist stormed Instagram with informative posts that center around such topics of interest, while giving rise to a number of charitable names her followers could throw their support behind. 

The noble acts noted above accurately depict who Sandy Gill is as a creator, but more importantly, as a human. In looking around at the economic landscape today, the lifestyle influencer has since identified where her voice will be carried to next. In a concerted effort to combat the climate migrant crisis, Sandy decided to partner with STRUCTURE—a organizational solution put in place to empower communities that have been displaced by the climate crisis—to help erect immediate housing solutions for various rural communities the world over. As it stands today, there are roughly 80 million people around the world who are currently displaced. But, to better put this figure into context, one needs to look at what this number will look like a few “short” years down the road. It’s estimated that by the time we reach 2050, the number of displaced individuals can balloon to a whopping 1 billion people.

“I know there is a lot going on in the world but we can definitely say that the climate crisis is at the centre of everything. If we don’t act now the lives of our children and their children are literally at stake,” explains Sandy in a recent Instagram post, adding “The home – a Structure – is meant to be locally upgraded, enabling self-recovery and long-term community development. We believe in a world in which all people have a safe place to call home. Our mission is to increase resilience amongst displaced communities.”

As she did so successfully with her first drop, Sandy did well to fortify the new collection’s aesthetics with socioeconomic messaging that is reflective on what’s happening today. urbancoolab was once again brought in to initialize a blueprint that could encapsulate the essence of what Sandy wanted to get across. AI factored in a set of cues that were identified as the collection’s design language, leading to a set of distinct graphics in which to build an entire capsule around. To amplify the theme’s messaging and importance beyond just sharing words of encouragement, Sandy is putting her money where her mouth is. Proceeds from Sandy Gill’s Tuff Bandit “Land with Grace” collection will go towards STRUCTURE in helping secure housing for those who have lost their homes to various environmental and socioeconomic factors.

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I don’t want to leave this planet knowing that I didn’t leave it as a safe space for those coming after me and I know that there are things that I can do myself to help prevent that, baby steps count. — Sandy Gill



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