SAINT MICHAEL Unveils Workwear Capsule Alongside Dickies

“The Infinite Light."
saint michael

Saint Michael

Saint Michael

Yuta Hosokawa via READYMADE and Cali Thornhill DeWitt through Some Ware are two noted streetwear ambassadors who have each helped shape the contemporary fashion sphere. Both artists rely on design philosophies built around various pop-culture touch points as a way to differentiate their own creations. Hosokawa and DeWitt have since joined forces under the SAINT MICHAEL name, forming a new imprint destined to reshape the fashion industry one masterpiece at a time.

Saint Michael

Saint Michael

The brand recently unveiled a thematic two-piece capsule alongside heritage workwear experts Dickies. A pair of signature workwear staples were used as structural blueprints, with the classic Eisenhower Jacket scooping up the lion’s share of the attention and a pair of 874 Work Pants doing well to round out the range. Both items juxtapose playful embroidery patches against humorous tag lines, as can be seen in the “LIGHT”-centric smiley face emblems placed next to phrases like “Beat the Clock” and “Time Waits for No Man.”

The collaborative Dickies x SAINT MICHAEL capsule will hit the retail market sometime in August. In other fashion news, INDVLST LAB and Chinatown Market unveiled a DIY screen print kit.



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