Robert De Niro Launched an NFT Collection of His Face

Featuring different facial expressions that react to its own price in real time.
Robert De Niro NFT

Robert De Niro is the latest red carpet star to jump head-first into the trending NFT market. The award-winning actor partnered up with LIT DAO on a digital collection titled “Motion,” which will feature the Oscar winner’s face in a myriad of facial expressions. Highlighted in a simplistic black & white color scheme, the digital images of Robert De Niro are programmed to react according to the cryptocurrency’s price in real time.

The prices in which some of the top NFT designs are sold for is a hot topic in itself, with many reaching north of the million dollar mark. How some of these designs reach the selling price they do is up for debate, but similar in concept to how the art world works, the value of each is based on market sentiment and what potential buyers are willing to pay for it. Listed earlier on OpenSea, the collection’s official page states that the offering is “an exploration of the dynamic interplay between market volatility and emotional volatility,” and is used to represent a technology that openely adapts to its ever-changing environment. The Robert De Niro x LIT DAO NFT collection is live on OpenSea.

In case you missed it earlier, Konami is celebrating the 35th anniversary of Castlevania with a new NFT collection.

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