Prada Continues Its Exploration of the Metaverse With a New NFT Collection

A trip to Milan anyone?
Prada NFT Collection

The fashion industry is a prime example of how to strike a balance between artistic ingenuity and prpgressive technology; Prada being the poster child for the luxury lifestyle sector, of course. The Italian-based maison joins the likes of Gucci, Balenciaga, Burberry and others in bridging the gap between the nostalgia of its own heritage with the mysteries of the unknown. If there is any shot in hell in easing the minds of the industry’s collective conscious it’s definitely Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. 

Prada has proven adept in moving through the Metaverse having conceptualized ways to merge the physical world with that of the digital. Earlier this summer, the label’s NFT arm, Prada Crypted, successfully mirrored an assortment of wares with its very own cyber clone, in essence, allowing its users to fluidly move in and out of both realms. This specific practice has been effective in getting these disparate worlds to interact and engage with one another in such a way that no one could have ever seen coming. Who else could have seen this coming? Be honest now.

The third installment differs from the house’s previous two drops in a big way, massive to most ways of thinking. Other than being able to purchase physical fashion items alongside their own digital counterpart, think a gender-fluid patchwork shirt crafted with materials from deep within Prada’s archival vault, is the chance to win a trip across the pond to Milan. Yes, you did read that right.

Excuse us for brushing over the aforementioned shirt and the like, it’s not our intent. But we are talking about a trip to one of the most historic if not most romantic destinations on planet earth. A true one-of-a-kind experience for any Prada and/or travel enthusiast. The collection itself is comprised of 50 limited-edition items, each containing a distinct serial number concealed within its own custom wrapping.

Truth be told though, the range is indicative of their approach to sustainability, offering distinct, one-off pieces constructed from a pool of upcycled fabrics. 

For those interested to learn more, the new Prada Timecapsule NFT Collection is due to hit the scene on August 4 and will be made available via Prada Crypted

In other Web3 news, The University of Tokyo is staking its claim on the Metaverse.



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