Pplpleasr Brings Long-Form Visual Content to The Metaverse

Including movies, short films, and television.
Pplpleasr NFT collection Shibuya

No longer just cool animated caricatures housed on the ethereum blockchain, creators like Pplpleasr are finding unique ways to disrupt the growing NFT market. The artist, who first gained notoriety after having raised a whopping $1.3 million USD for her Fortune magazine NFT cover, has since taken the wraps off Shibuya–a Web3 venture involving long-form visual content like films & television.

First to hit the airwaves is a story centered around a protagonist who ventures down a crypto rabbit hole, titled “White Rabbit.” It’s like “anime meets Black Mirror meets crypto,” explained Pplpleasr while attending the project’s unveiling at ETHDenver.

Those who purchase a “White Rabbit” NFT or “producer pass,” as it is affectionately being referred to as, will be able to vote on one of two alternate endings of the first episode. The option receiving the most votes will determine the character’s plot in the following episode.

“When the series completes, the whole thing is going to be minted as an NFT. The token holders are essentially DAO members that can vote on the show’s future. Whether that’s getting involved with a bigger production company, going to another streaming platform, that’s up to the token holders,” Pplpleasr tells CoinDesk.

In case you missed it earlier, Pussy Riot co-founder launched an NFT collection in support of Ukraine.



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