Playboy and Soulland Reunite for Summer 2020

Chock full of vintage magazine covers.
playboy soulland summer 2020

Although gaining legions of followers and acclaimed fame as a men’s interest/lifestyle magazine, Playboy is no stranger to the style landscape by any means. Over the past few years, the entertainment publication has co-released garment collections alongside a pantheon of streetwear heavyweights, including projects with XLARGE, Anti Social Social Club, NEIGHBORHOOD, The Hundreds, and BEAMS, just to name but a few.

Scandinavian menswear label, Soulland, and Playboy first linked up last fall, unveiling a print-heavy range highlighting provocative pin-up images scattered about. The dynamic duo have joined creative forces again, this time shifting their focus to the current summer season. An assortment of graphic tops—spread out over camp-style button downs, T-shirts and a lone hoodie—comprise the range, each of which makes use of vintage Playboy Magazine covers as its focal point.

Playboy and Soulland’s Summer 2020 capsule collection is available for purchase now online. In other fashion news, Art Comes First recently unveiled a new themed capsule.



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