What Did You Think of the Off-White™x MLB Collection?

The public had a whole lot to say.

Virgil Abloh’s recent Off-White™ collaboration alongside New Era and MLB signifies a slight shift within the pop-culture ranks, or at least upon initial look. As far as purviews stemming from those in the streets, basketball is looked upon as the sport most in tune with what takes place on the outside. NBA tunnel fits aside, pro hoop jerseys and Air Jordan 1s have long been weapons of choice for discerning boys and girls the world over–and that’s not changing anytime soon, nor should it.

The design direction of how the collection is defined is where things go left–well, depending on who you ask. Isn’t that what Off-White™ is about though? If it doesn’t rub someone the wrong way, did it accomplish what it set out to do? In classic Virgil Abloh style, pieces are rife with quotation marks and large circular cut-outs that first appeared on a daring interpretation of the iconic Air Jordan 5. The quirky design cues can be seen emblazoned on a series of  T-shirts, hoodies, jerseys and caps from such teams as the Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers, amongst others.

If the meteor-sized holes didn’t ruffle your feathers, the exuberant price tags may have. Reactions for $1,000 jerseys and $250 baseball caps didn’t sit well with everyone, especially given the nature of who the sport actually appeals to. To others though, fashion is art and not necessarily a tool to blend in. It’s this exact point of view where Abloh made his mark.

No need to convince you though. A good portion of the collection sold within hours, with fans of the label storming the site to scoop up whatever pieces were left behind.

Fell free to peep the full collection here via Off-White™’s official website.



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