nonnative and Suicoke Converge on an Innovative Sandals Capsule

Hitting form and function.
nonnative sandals black

With strict stay-at-home measures beginning to ease and seasonal temps finally trending upwards, more and more labels are taking time to usher in their new spring/summer wares. Japanese cult brands nonnative and Suicoke are two such imprints who are eager to push their seasonal agendas to the forefront and have since joined forces in the process. Together, the duo chose to remix a pair of Suicoke classics, applying a stylish yet highly functional overhaul to both.

The Hunter silhouette is characterized by a thick buckle-equipped band arching over the mid-foot area, in addition to the ring-shaped big toe support loop. Conversely, the Mariner’s main point of difference is the adjustable leather thong strap ideal for holding the foot securely in place. Central to both sandals is the jet black color scheme running rampant throughout, with an off-white outsole and a bright orange Vibram badge inserted to inject a splash of tonal contrast. Lastly, each comes complete with a crescent-shaped swell sitting along the rear-side footbed, offering both comfort and stability.

For those interested, the nonnative x Suicoke sandals will be up for grabs on June 20, and can be found online via COVERCHORD. Speaking of Japanese imprints, BAPE and COMME des GARÇONS recently unveiled their joint Osaka collection.



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