Nintendo Is Toying With Idea of NFTs and Metaverse Collectibles

What is their best entry point?
Nintendo NFT Metaverse

From what we’ve seen thus far, big name representatives from the gaming industry have found ways to enter the Metaverse with NFT collections that play into their respective operations, while others continue to seek out unique ways to contribute themselves; Nintendo being one that falls into the latter. Just last month, Konami made headlines with an NFT project meant to celebrate 35 momentous years of its hit game Castlevania, while Ubisoft decidedly put NFTs and other digital collectibles at the forefront via Ghost Recon Breakpoint. 

If Nintendo adopted the same blueprint as some of its competitors, there are many who would support a move to the digital collectibles market. It’s no secret, the popular video game conglomerate is home to a number of cult-like games and characters that would translate well to the Metaverse. The Japanese firm is strong with nostalgia, filling in generational gaps between enthusiasts of all ages.

During a recent Q&A session discussing their latest financial results, members of Nintendo’s executive team were asked to comment on its stance towards NFTs and the Metaverse. Although the company did express interest in entering the space, they, as a group, are still exploring ways to do so in a meaningful way.

“We do have interest in this area, we feel the potential in this area, but we wonder what joy we can provide in this area and this is difficult to define right now,” Nintendo shared in a statement.

What do you think is Nintendo’s best play to enter the Metaverse?

In case you missed it earlier, Coachella is offering lifetime festival passes in the from of themed NFTs.



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