Nike Sportswear Vows to Keep Us Indoors With Plush Faux Fur Blanket

A new normal?
nike sportswear

For the past few months, life for all of us has been reduced to a confined existence indoors. In that time, brands, artists and tastemakers have shifted their focus to providing items that help us cope with the dangers of prolonged excursions outside; Nike is doing its part to spearhead this movement. The brand’s casual sportswear expertise not only lends itself well to fashioning comfy, lounge-friendly wares—which appears to have increased throughout the pandemic—Nike seems to have entered into the home goods market with this faux fur Swoosh blanket.

Crafted from the same material used on its furry fleece jackets, the statement piece can either be used as a cozy blanket, a stylish cape that can be draped over an inner ensemble, or an eye-catching throw over that sits atop a sofa and/or chair. Measuring in at four feet by six, the piece’s fuzzy black base is interrupted by a large white Swoosh positioned front and center.  

For those interested in picking up Nike Sportswear’s Plush Faux Fur Blanket, members of the brand’s official web store can pick one up now for a price of $175 USD. In other fashion news, Palace and New Era recently came together on a baseball-inspired capsule collection.



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