NBA In Talks to Administer a 25-Day Return-to-Basketball Plan

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Much like everything else near and dear to our hearts, the current Coronavirus pandemic has halted any sort of progressive sports action while the world lies motionless in a veritable standstill. One such area being professional basketball. While fans the world over have been relegated to scrolling TikTok in hopes of catching their favorite NBA players dive head first into the latest dance craze, some of the league’s more avid followers await in limbo for action to resume. With no specific return date yet determined, the association has held preliminary talks centered around a strategic ‘return-to-basketball’ plan.

Several big name NBA stars, such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, have publicly stated that without physical access to any sort of gym facility to practice in, their sharpness for the game—understandably—is slowly withering away. With that in mind, a proposed 25-day scheme could be put in place for players to re-acclimate with their teams and the sport itself.

As reported earlier by Brian Windhorst of ESPN, “An 11-day series of individual workouts, where there’d be social distancing for a period of time, and then hopefully if the clearance comes that they can play five-on-five basketball, a 14-day training camp” could be used as a makeshift solution.

With only 15 or so games remaining on the schedule—depending on which team—no decision has been made in regards to a return timetable. Once play resumes, some are looking at a condensed regular season schedule as viable option, with others proposing a modified playoff bracket upon return.



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