A Look at Mountain Research’s Eclectic 4 Zips Mix 1 Sweatshirt

A lesson on color contrast.

First hitting the scene over a quarter century ago, Mountain Research in that time has continued to push the boundaries of rugged outerwear design. The brand’s founding father, Setsumasa Kobayashi, has historically harbored a deep affection for military wares and thought of a way to incorporate its sartorial properties into functional mountain gear. In the years that followed, the brand has expanded its breadth to include the inflection of sportswear staples, to which we now visit through this statement crewneck pullover.

Pulling references from traditional boro—the native Japanese practice of weaving disparate patchwork to form one unified piece—we now take a look at Mountain Research’s 4 Zips Mix 1 sweatshirt. Forged from 100 percent cotton, the eccentric top features four individual dual-zip panels, allowing the user to mix-and-match other colors of the same garment. Tonal variations aside, the zippers also bring utilitarian practicality into the fray by enabling a customizable fit at the hem and collar.

Set to a retail price of $379 USD, you can find Mountain Research’s 4 Zips Mix 1 sweatshirt online now. In case you missed it earlier, check out XLARGE’s commemorative Playboy capsule.



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