Michael Jordan’s HEIR Platform Debuts First NFT Collection

Dubbed “6 Rings.”
HEIR Michael Jordan NFT collection

Michael Jordan and his son Jeffrey have officially entered the Metaverse with their digital platform titled HEIR. An intricate play on Jordan’s acrobatic style of play and the legacy being left behind to his actual offspring, HEIR took the $10 million it raised during its initial launch phase and designed its first-ever NFT collection.

Athletes from every sport imaginable are taking their talents to the Metaverse, finding creative ways to bridge the gap between the physical sporting world and the digital design landscape. Those who purchase HEIR’s first drop, for instance, will become known as a “founding fan,” and will gain access to the platform connecting them to athletes via “huddles.” While the list of celebrity athletes still has yet to be revealed, the organization’s discord alludes to the inclusion of athletes of varying sports and stages, including those at the high-school level.

In terms of the actual collection, “6 Rings” draws inspiration from the multiple championship rings Jordan accumulated throughout his historic career. Spread out over 5,005 individual designs, the price of each NFT–2.3 SOL or $221 USD–is a respectful nod to Michael Jordan’s legendary jersey number 23. 

The first HEIR NFT collection can be found on the Solana blockchain. In case you missed it earlier, Ukraine is set to launch an NFT collection in support of its armed forces.



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