Metaverse Art Week Proves the Power and Influence of Programmatic Art

Full of unique art installations, live panel discussions, NFT exhibits and more.
Metaverse Art Week

Have you ever had the honor of seeing Vincent van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ live in its original form? Is the romance of going to institutions like the MoMa all but dead? Answers will vary depending on who you ask–many within the art community though airing on the side of being present physically (no surprises here). Our current reality, however, says something different. The fact of the matter is, you no longer have to queue in lines that coil up and down West 53rd to catch wind of the revered masterpiece; not to say this form of appreciation should ever fully fade from existence. 

Going to the MET or Gagosian satiates the full breadth of our senses, including being able to compare and contrast how your perception of what’s being displayed aligns to that of those around you. I mean, being able to physically walk through Daniel Arhsam’s “Divided Layers’ exhibit in Milan can’t be done halfway across the world through your iPad Pro–no matter how powerful Apple claims its signature tablet to be (mad love to you though).

The world is constantly changing. Artists, and those who bring their work to the masses have no qualms using the power of technology to make sure those interested in appreciating art have the means to do so. Who would have ever thought it possible to “wander” through the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam or Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul in Mexico City while in the comfort of your own home? Google Arts & Culture, for example, makes it possible to view these spaces virtually through “immersive” 3-D tours. While some praise platforms like this for making art accessible to those unable to travel abroad, there are others who feel such attempts cheapen the genius of someone like Van Gogh. 

In spite of how you may feel on the matter at hand, the evolution of the Web3 space will continue to mature beyond what some are willing to accept; at least initially.

Running from August 24 to 28, Metaverse Art Week 2022–now in its third year, if you can believe it–will display how contemporary art continues to evolve within the realities of this web-based world.

The World is Made of Code will focus on the dualities between human and nature within the hedges of Web3’s complex infrastructure. How does our DNA transcend into the coding of virtuality? Well, that is what this year’s program hopes to uncover.

Metaverse Art Week aims to push the boundaries of programmatic art in such a way that redefines the true meaning of immersivity. From unique art installations and live panel discussions to NFT exhibits and expressive live performances, Metaverse Art Week will surely amp up “phygital” dialogues.

“Metaverse Art Week 2022 is coming at a pivotal moment for the larger adoption of Web3 technology and decisions about our digital reality. We believe that the future of the internet should be built by decentralized communities who do not seek to profit off of user data, imagination, or creativity,” shared Sam Hamiltion, Creative Director of the Decentraland Foundation.. “This year’s Art Week will be a love letter to what the next generation of artists are doing in the metaverse.”

This year’s festivities will do more than incite commentary on the interconnectivity art has with the far-off future. Metaverse Art Week will even address one of the most prevalent talking points the world has come to know these past few years, Covid aside, of course. The Crypto Valley NFT Gallery will unpack the Ukrainian Meta History Museum of War throughout the week, which was originally put in place to chronicle the truth about what is actually happening in Ukraine through art. And, as with all things on the blockchain, it, too, will forever be imprinted for history to see. 

For a list of all things one can expect at Metaverse Art Week 2022, be sure to check out the event’s official website. In other Metaverse-related news, Truth In Advertising calls out a handful of celebrities in wanting more transparency with each of their respective NFT projects.



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