How Art Is Slowly Taking Over the Metaverse

Its creativity knows no bounds.

The expansion of the Metaverse and the inner workings of what this world entails continues to spark the imaginations of, well, everyone; the art world being no different. As a result, artists from every discipline imaginable are now finding ways to merge their work with this new digital realm. But what exactly is the Metaverse and how does it nurture the creation of art? 

Answers will vary depending on who you ask, especially when the rules of its existence haven’t yet been defined. In the most basic of layman’s terms, however, the Metaverse is an ever-evolving landscape where real-life interactions unfold digitally. From buying art and attending a wedding to checking out a concert and meeting up with friends, we can now do all the above virtually. My how times have changed.

Jeff Koons got his feet wet with an NFT project that corresponds to physical sculptures he plans to launch into space. “Jeff Koons: Moon Phases” is the artist’s way of honoring mankind’s unnerving fascination with space exploration. The plan is to symbolize each of these sculptures with its very own digital token. Tom Sachs, on the other hand, has a plan of his own that would operate somewhere in between the real world and the Metaverse. Sachs earlier invited members of the community to create compelling NFT artworks, several of which revolved around NASA-style rockets. Later this summer, the artist’s Manhattan-based studio will exhibit works that highlight the transformation process between these drawings and their physical counterparts. It will be interesting to see how Sachs challenges the public’s perception of art by touching on the delicate interplay of how the digital realm and the tactile nature of handmade goods relate.

What about graffiti though? How does this form of art fit into the future’s virtual equation? Multidisciplinary collective Another-1 seems to have the answer. By teaming up with such artists as Zoow24, Trane, Schiche and Shek, Another-1’s “THE WALL” platform encourages the democratization of the Web3 trading process in a way not yet explored before. The creative quartet took aim at the Olmetex factory in Milan in which to leave their respective marks. Spread out over an impressive 66x7m mural are two art tags commemorating a sampling of characters central to the artist’s back catalog, including “Pizza Monster,” “Cigarette Pack,” and “The Spary Can.”  

Another-1 celebrated the launch with an NFT collection and animated short mimicking the protagonists in a super expressive, yet artful way. “The creation of a phygital (digital + physical) product lets you create an extended user experience,” explained Another-1 CEO Marco Stagliano, adding “Together with Olmetex we have created the real representation of this interaction between the physical and virtual world.”



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