Mercedes-Benz Unveils NFT Collection With ART2PEOPLE

Remixing the automaker’s signature G-Class.
mercedes-benz nft

Proving themselves as much more than just a high-end luxury car purveyor, Mercedes-Benz continues to make moves that weave in elements central to the pop-culture space. Aside from launching a conceptual capsule collection alongside fashion powerhouse Proenza Schouler, the German automakers formed alliances with two of the most influential names in streetwear; talking of course about the late, great Virgil Abloh and his longtime collaborator Heron Preston.

Mercedes-Benz keeps the cultural conversation alive with its first joint NFT project. Roping crypto artist collective ART2PEOPLE into the mix, Baugasm, Antoni Tudisco, Klarens Malluta, Charlotte Tayler x Anthony Authié, and Roger Kilimanjaro were tasked with creating digital interpretations of the brand’s signature G-Class. Presented in short-form video format, each creation delivered a powerful yet unique sensory experience unique to each artist.

“This project is about the digital art world intersecting with the hand-made craft and past of the motoring world; merging these two spheres together to bring an ‘OG’ into the world of NFT and establishing it as an NFG,” ART2PEOPLE wrote in an introductory post.

The Mercedes-Benz “NF-G” project will hit the Nift Gateway platform on January 23 and will range in price from $222 to $1554 USD. Each NFT holder will be awarded raffle tickets for a real-life G-Wagon.

In case you missed it earlier, Gucci and SUPERPLASTIC joined forces on a new NFT project dubbed SUPERGUCCI.



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