McDonald’s Job Application NFTs are Trending on OpenSea

Trading at around $40,000 USD.
McDonald's NFT collection

In a rather comical, yet interesting turn of events, McDonald’s has found a way to penetrate the soaring NFT market; although in a way most would not expect. An innovative digital token collector took it upon himself to parody a real-life McDonald’s employee application by turning it into an NFT design. Listed on the highly-popular OpenSea platform, the McDonald’s Job Application—which it is playfully referred to as—consists of 1,111 application forms, of which the first 1,000 are free to mint. The remaining 111, on the other hand, come attached with an 0.01 ETH price tag, translating to approximately $25 USD.

In the first 12 hours of going live, the restaurant chain’s NFT-based applications have reached an impressive trading price of 15.9 ETH, or $40,000 USD. Listed with the tagline description reading, “ETH going down? can’t afford living? we got you! Apply now to your dream 9 to 5 McDonalds job with our application” the NFT creator has chosen to poke fun at the volatility currently plaguing the market. Crypto enthusiasts have been hit hard over the past few weeks with Bitcoin’s value continuing to spiral down, trading at approximately half of its all-time high price. McDonald’s latest venture into the digital space pokes fun at the current crypto narrative, and is seen as a lighthearted attempt to amuse those who are keeping a close eye on the market.

For a closer look at the McDonald’s NFT collection, visit the creator’s OpenSea page for more.

In other NFT-related news, noted Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara has teamed up with artist and skateboarder Mark Gonzalez on a new digital collection dubbed “NON FRAGMENT TOKEN.”



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