Matthew M. Williams & Stüssy Unleash “California Cotton” Denim Capsule

Redefining traditional workwear.
matthew m. williams stussy

Daniel Regan/Stüssy

Daniel Regan/Stüssy

Less than 24 hours ago, both ALYX‘s Matthew M. Williams and Stüssy took to their respective Instagram accounts to tease a cryptic image of a full-on denim ensemble. Notable vanguards in their own right, both names have been instrumental in uplifting the once underground streetwear scene into the thick of respectable fashion circles, all while leveraging the creative expertise brought forth by collaborative partnerships. As expected, the duo unleashed an editorial-style lookbook unveiling a rugged five-piece capsule against a sun-drenched beach getaway.

Daniel Regan/Stüssy

Daniel Regan/Stüssy

Daniel Regan/Stüssy

Daniel Regan/Stüssy

Dubbed “California Cotton,” the capsule is forged from the fibrous material of the same name and has been intricately woven into sturdy denim by textile specialists Loro Piana. Each indigo piece—work jacket, work pants, apron dress—casts a spotlight on co-branded patches emblazoned throughout. Much of the same emblems find real estate on a set of pullover shirts—one fronting an enlarged surf image and a pair of others featuring minimized logos—which when all viewed together form the basis of a comprehensive streetwear range.

Matthew M. Williams and Stüssy’s collaborative capsule will be available for purchase starting May 29 and can be found online through Stüssy’s web store. In case you missed it, CLOT and RHUDE dropped their joint “Double Happiness” collection.



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