Martine Rose Debuts New E-Commerce Platform

An in-depth look at the designer’s archival vault.
martine rose spring summer 2020
Martine Rose

Like so many others before her, Martine Rose has found a creative means to continue commercial operations in the wake of the current global pandemic. The London-based designer recently launched a new e-commerce platform, with her forthcoming Spring/Summer 2020 collection appointed as the site’s main attraction. For those unfamiliar with Rose’s archival vault, the label will also curate an in-depth catalog of designs dating back to 2007 as a nostalgically stylish add-on.

Martine Rose

Martine Rose

The accompanying lookbook was achieved by models fashioning themed looks while in personal isolation. Rose’s creative team partnered with individuals who have walked in previous Martine Rose fashion shows and offered professional coaching, photography and styling tips via Zoom and WhatsApp. As a result, the completed visuals offer a look at the label’s signature wares in a comfortable, homely setting without clashing backdrop visuals competitively vying for viewers’ attention.

When asked about the project, Rose described the experience as “the most obvious solution to an immediate problem. We wanted to tell a story through the site and the self-isolation imagery turned out to be very honest and reflective of not just the brand but our current reality.” 

Martine Rose’s new web store is now open for business. Elsewhere in fashion, EV BRAVADO and StockX teamed up on a charitable capsule collection.



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