MadManga Announces Plans to Create First NFT Collection

Highlighting characters born from manga-charged “FOMO stones.”
MadManga NFT collection

In a move that sees the worlds of anime and digital collectibles collide, MadManga – a collection of anime, copyrights, exhibition, curation, and gaming specialists from Silicon Valley, Disney and/or Warner Bros.– recently announced its plans to enter the Metaverse with a themed NFT collection. Over the past few months, tastemakers from a wide array of disciplines have come out of the woodworks to showcase how they can best move the landscape forward. From high-end luxury labels and ground-level streetwear brands to budding musicians and established publications, each have found unique ways to contribute. 

The collection revolves around a set of characters born from “FOMO stones,” who have escaped into the abyss of a parallel universe. MadManga will house its project in a fully custom metaverse where space and time collide. Here, users will navigate through a media archive, where blockchain technology is highlighted as the main channel for communication. As far as utility and real-world connection goes, the project will allow consumers to interact virtually with classic manga titles, games, action figures, and multimedia technology.

MadManga’s upcoming NFT collection is due out later this spring. For those interested to learn more, be sure to visit the group’s official website.

In case you missed it earlier, KENZO enters the Metaverse space with an NFT collection honoring the label’s signature Boke Flower.



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