Louis Vuitton Toys With Boyhood Dreams in Spring/Summer 2020 Lookbook

With Morocco set as the backdrop canvas.

With the Spring/Summer 2020 season just a few short months away, brands the world over are each taking time to release their forthcoming collections for the public at large to digest. Design ace, Virgil Abloh, recently unveiled campaign images from Louis Vuitton’s upcoming range, titled “Footprints.” Lensed by Viviane Sassen, the sunny shores of Tangier played a breathtaking backdrop for models parading around in featured LV wares.

Vibrant floral patterns weave in and out, finding a home on statement garments, while real-life bouquets in subtle shades of orange, yellow, purple and pink juxtaposed against the former. The flowery motif provided a “naturally occurring metaphor for multiplicity,” as was described by the brand, eventually giving way to yet another conceptual undertone. The notion of boyhood dreams informed scenes of light-hearted summers spent frolicking along the beach. In reference to the latter, Louis Vuitton described the aforementioned theme as a tool used to bind communities, be it counties, countries, and/or continents.

Abloh’s artistic prowess kicks into high gear with an all-new set of designs that not only fire up the imagination, but push the sartorial envelope beyond where most others are willing to go. An oversized hooded field jacket flaunts a pair of vertical slits along the front, while a button-down shirt/pants combo call attention to supplementary pocket attachments held in place via knotted straps.

Scroll the accompanying gallery for a closer look at Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2020 lookbook. In case you missed it earlier, Matthew Williams recently unveiled 1017 ALYX 9SM’s Moncler Genius collection.



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