Louis Vuitton Is Set to Open Its First-Ever Restaurant

Housed within the label’s new Osaka Maison.
louis vuitton
Louis Vuitton

Of all the news surrounding Louis Vuitton over the past few months, including the house’s Paris Fashion Week showcase and groundbreaking partnership alongside the NBA, comes word of the luxury label’s first foray into the culinary world. Although around since 1854, the high-fashion house seems to be ripping a page from its menswear director’s established oeuvre; dipping in and out of other creative auras. With Virgil Abloh applying his expertise to fashion, music, consulting, home goods and accessories, LV has since spawned off into sports, hotels and now restaurants, amongst others.

Known simply as Le Café V, the new establishment will take up residency on the top floor of Vuitton’s new four-level Osaka maison, and will pivot around chef Yosuke Suga’s masterful palette. According to chairman and chief executive officer, Michael Burke, Louis Vuitton plans to jump head first into the highly-competitive hospitality field, with plans to open more eateries and hotels.

It is said that Louis Vuitton’s first-ever restaurant will make its grand debut on February 15. In other Virgil Abloh-related news, be sure to check out Louis Vuitton’s FW20 “Heaven on Earth” collection.



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