Louis Vuitton Designs High-Fashion Travel Trophy Case for NBA

“Victory Travels in Louis Vuitton.”
louis vuitton nba trophy case
Louis Vuitton

Fresh off the runways of Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton finds itself fronting pop-culture headlines once again, although, in a far different manner to that of the high-fashion affair. The Virgil Abloh-helmed imprint revealed images of the travel trophy case it designed to house the NBA’s Larry O’Brien trophy. Already flaunting creative partnerships with the International Tennis Federation and the League of Legends world tournament, “Victory Travels in Louis Vuitton” signifies the inception of LV’s professional relationship with the NBA. 

“Louis Vuitton has long been associated with the world’s most coveted trophies, and with this iconic partnership the legacy continues – victory does indeed travel in Louis Vuitton,” explains Louis Vuitton Chairman and CEO Michael Burke.

Hand-crafted within the label’s historic atelier, Louis Vuitton’s monogram print bombards the exterior wall, with a tricolored “V” emblazoned across the double-door closure. A soft “Royal Blue” interior, where the relic will sit, provides ample contrast, not only to the trophy’s gleaming surface, but to the demure shell found on the outside. Lastly, traditional brass hardware—reminiscent of vintage trunk designs—add splashes of subtle opulence, doing well to finalize the decorative masterpiece.

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