Konami to Celebrate 35 Years of Castlevania With NFT’s

14 items set to hit OpenSea.

For all of the die-hard Castlevania stans out there, the legendary gaming series is due to hit the growing NFT marketplace in a fresh, albiet nostalgic kind of way. Konami sees the growing potential digital collectibles have, and have decided to launch a series of NFTs to coincide with the 35th anniversary of Castlevania. Part of the “Konami Memorial NFT” program, 14 items will go up for sale, including pixel art showcasing iconic scenes from the games, in addition to “newly drawn” art inspired from the legendary series.

Although much has been made about the future of NFT’s and how digital spaces can transform how we engage with one another in the future, there are those who warn of how these efforts affect the sustainability of our climate, and the ensuing chain of events that are sure to follow thereafter. Konami president, Kimihiko Higashio, belongs to the former, and feels NFT’s can be used to revitalize how the public views gaming.

OPenSea—arguably the largest NFT marketplace on the web right now—is set to host the upcoming Castlevania auction, which will go live at 9 pm EST on January 14.

Speaking of cutting-edge designs, why not revisit Dez Delmar’s “COOL FOREVER” collection.



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