King Mizo Unleashes New Track “I Gave You Power”

“This message is directed to the people. It’s an urgent call for us to not let fear control us.”
King Mizo

Music, hip-hop, in particular, in many ways acts as a commentary for what is happening out in the real world. As we’ve already seen with fashion, art, food and sports, hip-hop is finding ways to reshape our perception of the Metaverse and what takes place within its “walls.” Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg randomly jumped into a Clubhouse chatroom to discuss how Death Row Records would become the Metaverse’s first major record label. Coupled with Doodles anointing Pharrell Williams as its new Chief Brand Officer, hip-hop’s evolution is poised to unveil itself deep within the Web3 space.

Although the music genre’s relationship with technology is a contentious one, the above examples provide a clear indication of where it appears to be headed next; strap in, we’re in for a fun ride.

One such artist who readily embraces the raw power of what technology has to offer is King Mizo. Formerly known as Unknown Mizery, King Mizo is a multidisciplinary artist that has shown an unwillingness to bend and shape to the will of what was done before; a trait that has carried him and his Guerrilla Music outfit far. The emcee, beat maker, radio show producer, entrepreneur, film maker, activist, humanitarian, and resident community builder is seen as a Metaverse ambassador of sorts, having launched numerous crypto-based projects that push the boundaries of this progressive new realm.

King Mizo boasts an incessant work grind that is a true sight to behold. The artist’s new track ”I Gave You Power” is an honorary nod to the 1996 classic of the same name by Nas, in which the legendary rapper spits a cleverly-stacked rhyme on the dominance one can hold over another in the form of a shrewd, first-person gun perspective. King Mizo flips that narrative completely on its head, taking the position of what technology can do to those who overlook its potential. It’s his way of reminding everyone that those who control technology, control the outcome.

We had a chance to go one-on-one with King Mizo himself to get a better understanding of his relationship with tech, and find out where he thinks society is headed next.

When did your love affair with technology begin?

Since I was young, I have been using technology to create music. However, during the first week of the pandemic, things got serious. Before 2020, I would study crypto and web3 technology, yet I would not jump in.  During the first few days of the pandemic in 2020, I decided to jump in as I wanted to get away from the fiat banking system as fast as possible. I wanted as much freedom away from this system as I could get. I loved the concept of decentralized finance. I bought 1 piece of virtual land, then I sold it for twice as much in 24 hours. I repeated this process. That was the start of this never ending journey into web3.

How has your relationship with technology evolved over the years?

When I started making money off NFTs, virtual land and crypto, I started noticing people had art galleries built in these virtual worlds, where they would sell their art as NFTs, in this virtual gallery. I decided to buy land and build a virtual concert house called “Guerrilla Music.” Through this, we started throwing speaking events, video mix shows, DJ gigs and live concerts. We had artists such as Prodigal Sunn of Sunn of Man/WU Family, Ruste Juxx of Duck Down Records and more participate in these events. Since we were some of the first to do this, it was hard to get people onboard.

You are recognized as an early adopter of NFTs and the web3 space in general, what potential did you see in it then and how has that changed?

I was one of the first dozen artists to mint an Audio NFT, it was on April 19th 2020. When I minted/uploaded my first song as an NFT I was excited. I was excited that there was a resale value, so when a collector sells your album, you as the artist will make royalties off second sales forever. I also loved the fact that it was owned by me, I could add utilities such as persona; experiences, behind-the-scenes studio footage or unreleased audio stems from the studio etc. It was really a great way to be creative, setting the limit on what you can offer with your NFT song. The song is more than an MP3 or Spotify download. For example, this song can have so much extra utility attached, which ultimately lets your listeners be part of your journey and not only support it from the outside.  The freedom it gave artists was beautiful to me.  However, the more people onboarding into the space, the more I see we need to unlearn our fiat way of thinking. Fiat way of thinking is to be thinking in the way of the old world, where we are to compete, or there is only one spot at the top. With web3 and decentralization, no one needs to compete. As a matter of fact, the more we work together, the faster all of us win. We need to work together and stop competing; that’s the old way and it doesn’t work.  Also, the labels have come in and instead of teaching artists how to mint their own NFTs so they can have complete control over their art and careers, they trap them in weird old world record label scenarios. We need artists to have freedom. I have watched this space make unknown artists from small pockets around the world get filthy rich off music. Finally, this space has changed my life and I hope other artists can join me and rejoice in this new technology. It’s up to us what we do with this gift, be greedy or use it to change the world for the better 

There aren’t too many artists in music who openly reference the power of technology, why do you feel this is an important message to touch upon?

People are really scared. They have been traumatized by the current banking system. When people think of money, they think of pyramid schemes, scams, lost friends, lost family, homelessness, relentless banks and credit companies etc . The people have been tricked for so long that when we show them this new technology, 90% of the people end up scared to even understand it. 

This is evolution. People in history have taken fire to warm a house or cook food while others have used that fire to burn the world down. We need to understand that the technology isn’t evil, it is the intentions of the driver who decides the use case of this technology. While we finally have a chance to build a new dimension, that’s what this is, a new dimension that is connected to our physical hearts and pockets. Let’s do something good. Imagine not wanting to use the internet when it was first invented? Imagine not having a smartphone? Most can’t imagine this. I am not saying invest in web3, I am only saying that it is important to understand it. 

Looking up DAOs as opposed to Incorporations, look up decentralized finance and compare it to fiat money, then we will understand what the real ponzi scheme is. A bank that takes your money and invests in things you don’t agree with, also charges you for holding your money that they are using to leverage trades for their own profit, while telling you how much you are allowed to withdraw daily. The old system doesn work, let’s try something new.

What do you say to those who fear and/or oppose what technology has done and continues to do to humanity?

Technology can give a war veteran a limb while it can take a limb from a soldier during war. If you are reading this, you are probably on a phone or a computer using the internet. You could be searching for anything, yet you decided to use this technology to read this article. We can’t be afraid of what’s inevitable, we must understand it, get in front of it and contribute to a better tomorrow. Because for this generation, for the first time in our lives, as a collective, we can contribute to the shape of web3. Let’s be the leaders and build our own vision before these banks, corporations and governments use fear to deter you from building. They deter you with fear because they want you to live in their version of web3, where they control everything. Once again. This is a revolution if your actions and contributions plays it out that way

What do you see the Web3 space evolving into? Should there be any limits to where it can go?

Web3 and web2 will be interconnected. Like restaurants have menus through QR codes instead of physical versions, everything we do in the real world and on web2 will have a connected interaction on web3.

The timing of your new song comes at an important time with where the world seems to be heading, who is this message directed at? And why now?

This message is directed to the people. It’s an urgent call for us to not let fear control us. To encourage us to study this technology and learn how to use it to empower our communities and our neighbors. One who does not understand this space in time, will be left behind. When more of the people are left behind, the less of a chance we have to create a better world with this technology. The world is polarized, we fight, we argue, we can’t find a middle ground and the bridge between the super wealthy and the have nots is getting longer and longer. 

We will be having a VR release party inside our venue called “THE HOUSE OF $RAP” in partnership with’s mega-community “Decentral.Games”. You will find the event info before the event on – The release party will be held on July 12th at 5pm EST

Can you touch on the concept behind your new album?

This album is for me. I am designing this album for me. For my mental health, self expressions etc. I am also recognizing that creating an album for me, is creating an album for you, the listener. The people will relate to the themes of everyday life, depression, healing, addiction, missed fatherhood, anger, love, heartbreak, systemic oppression and people power. 

“King Mizo, formerly known as Unknown Mizery is working on the album of a lifetime. Not only the concept for the album came to him in a dream but the sounds, the melodies, the instruments and some of the words and rhymes in the songs. He dreamt he was at the center of a room full of faceless people that were excited and vibing to music. He realized he was at a listening party for the album he would create. He woke up and furiously wrote down everything he could remember. Every sound and word, he hummed the melodies into the voice recording app so he wouldn’t forget. The album will be called The Kohinoor King.”

Get the NFT KEY here for the KOHINOOR KING project

Make sure to check out the video for “I Gave You Power” here. Click the relevant links to learn more about King Mizo (Instagram / Twitter)



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