JW Anderson Put on a Show for the Not-So-Normal

Complete with tin can lids and bicycle handlebars.
JW Anderson

JW Anderson is up to his old tricks. The British designer’s men’s Spring/Summer 2023 and women’s resort collections were nuanced in a way that only he could live up to. With each model that paraded down the runway, one thing became abundantly clear; Anderson was primed to push the boundaries of where most think fashion could go.

Unlike what he does with retail powerhouse Uniqlo, which is to produce timeless staples that can transition from a corporate office setting to a relaxed night out on the town, JW Anderson chose to treat looks as wearable works of art; definitely not his first foray into this hybrid-esque hyperbole though.

Wooly pullovers were punctuated with broken skateboards, while short-sleeved crewnecks revealed numbered barcodes as if to conceal a hidden prize beneath. Anderson touched on the whimsical via tin can accouterments that accented tonal shirts in the same way handlebars were worn as bulky neck accessories. For those, however, who look for styles with the everyday in mind, there were plenty of denims, trousers and tops, each of which fits into JW Anderson’s eclectic, yet contemporary catalog.

For a look at the collection in its entirety, be sure to drop by the designer label’s official website. In other fashion-forward style news, Off-White™ made waves with its collaborative collection alongside New Era and MLB.



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