John Geiger Shades Nike Lawsuit With NFT Collection

Putting Nike’s lawsuit documents against him on display.
John Geiger NFT

Nike has taken issue with several artists whom they feel have appropriated some of its more famous designs to create spin-off items that closely resemble the original; John Geiger being one such name. Signature Swoosh sneakers have been a topic of interest, with a plethora of “knock-offs” coming out of the woodworks over the past few years. Although there are varying degrees to how closely the bootleg pieces mimic the original item in question, many have taken issue with whom Nike chooses to do battle with. John Geiger, as both an artist and entity, are one particular group who have been on the receiving end of a Nike hissyfit. 

The eponymous label is currently caught up in a lawsuit pertaining to its GF-01 sneaker. Geiger has an open affinity for Nike’s infamous Air Force 1 silhouette, citing the GF-01 was indeed inspired from the latter, but counters the suit by accusing Nike of its  “bullying nature to these actions that chills creativity and lawful competition.” For those who can recall, BAPE’s cult favorite BAPESTA shoe was an obvious homage to the same Nike sneaker, however, received no ill-will from the international sportswear titan.

“The JG Lawsuit NFT will harness our lawsuit versus Nike, which has created even more of a loyal following as Nike continues to engage in frivolous lawsuits that seem to only be put forth to slow down the momentum of its competition,” states designer John Geiger. John Geiger has decided to flip the ongoing lawsuit on its head, by opting to release an NFT collection revolving around digital images of the GF-01 shoe alongside official Nike lawsuit documents. What side are you rolling with?

Fore info on the upcoming release, be sure and check out the brand’s Discord page.

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