IKEA Japan Unveils First-Ever Capsule Collection

It was only a matter of time.
ikea japan collection

No strangers to the fashion scene by any means, over the past few years, IKEA has effectively crossed over into the ever-expanding streetwear sphere. Even before co-designing its “MARKERAD” collection alongside Virgil Abloh, the furniture empire carved out its own moment a few years ago with the feverish popularity of its FRAKTA bag. And now, to the joy of many worldwide, IKEA is ready to push forth its debut apparel collection.

Comprised of a T-shirt, hoodie, umbrella, tote bag, towels and water bottles, “EFTERTRADA” is a small, yet all-encompassing capsule complete with playful branding cues scattered about. Adding artistic flair to its punchy blue and yellow logo is an enlarged barcode design followed by a black model number placed below. As an added touch, the phrase “Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden” resonates throughout, finding a home on each and every piece.

For those interested, IKEA’s  forthcoming “EFTERTRADA” collection will be available for pre-sale on July 31 through IKEA Japan’s website. In other fashion news, Brain Dead and Slam Jam converged on a charitable T-shirt.

Images: IKEA



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