IKEA Gets in on the FRAKTA Fun and Creates New KNORVA Hat

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In a rather unlikely chain of events, IKEA, over the past few years, has eclipsed its rank as a DIY home goods purveyor into a satirical streetwear imprint. For those who can recall, it was Balenciaga’s very own Demna Gvasalia who turned IKEA’s tarp-like FRAKTA into a luxurious tote bag creation. Elsewhere, brands such as PLEASURES, chose to reengineer the statement carryall into a six-panel baseball cap. In doing so, the former in-store shopping bag carved out its own moment within several fashion-forward platforms and still stands today as a noteworthy pop-culture piece.

With that said, it looks like IKEA has officially taken note of the FRAKTA’s place amongst creative communities, and has since fashioned its own imaginative accoutrement; introducing the KNORVA hat. Stylistically comparable to other bucket-style hats that, too, bombarded the scene several years ago, IKEA’s version takes shape from the bag’s signature blue polypropylene material. The hat’s one true inflection is upheld above the brim, with the bag’s branded carry handle utilized as its artistic apex.

Set to a retail price of $4 USD, IKEA’s new KNORVA hat can be purchased now online. Speaking of cool hats, check out this “FOR RENT” hat created by Vetements.



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