Hiroshi Fujiwara & Mark Gonzalez Are Set to Unveil Joint NFT Collection

Hiroshi Fujiwara Mark Gozalez NFT

No longer reserved for cypro-native enthusiasts and tech savvy gamers, more and more fashion brands are finding ways to enter the highly-competitive NFT market in ways that flaunt their own stylistic sensibilities; Hiroshi Fujiwara is the latest fashion designer to try his hand at digital designs. The Japanese creator’s foray into the space is telling of the industry’s interest in shaping how the Metaverse perceives style, and in doing so are leveraging the expertise of different artists to elevate their entry point.

Initially teased through Instagram late last December, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Mark Gonzalez are gearing up to release their joint “NON FRAGMENT TOKEN” NFT project. Gonzalez, a world renowned artist and skateboarder, volunteered to use his iconic Shmoo” character as the face of the NFT collection. In classic Fujiwara fashion, each Shmoo features different outfit combinations, including different hairstyles, hats, sunglasses, scarves, and sweaters that provide a glimpse of his personal journey through Gonzales’ artistic “Fragment” approach.

According to a recent Soulshift Instagram post, “10,000 Shmoosss, 10,000 dimensions through space, summoned by Space Keepers arriving on 10pm (GMT+8), 27th Jan 2022.”

For those interested in securing a piece of the collection, 10,000 limited-edition versions of Shmoo will be minted on Soulshift, with the token collection being made available come January 27.

In case you missed it earlier, Mercedes-Benz joined forces with ART2PEOPLE for its first joint NFT collection.



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